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Peter Chang Café located in 1203 Richmond Rd, Williamsburg, VA 23185 is accepting online orders.

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Anthony Andrews
Mr. Chang, I profoundly regret to inform you that the quality of the food served at you Fredericksburg restaurant as declined precipitously in the past few months. We were delighted when you chose Fredericksburg, and when first opened, the food was wonderful. You should some time investigating why the quality has declined. I would suggest replacing the hispanic cook (or whoever is running the kitchen) with someone formally trained in preparing Chinese cuisine.
jin jin dong
Do you have restaurant in California? I want to eat you cook food!!! thanks! jin jin
Hi Mr Pengliang Zhang, I'm a friend of your studient Minglei Xu. He wanna contact you. Please contact me if you remember Minglei Xu. He is in Xiangyang now. Thank you. Best regards.