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If Asians are going to tell customers they have small penises on their bills it shouldn't BE Asians saying so. Everyone knows Asians have very small penises. When I've had sex with Asian women and was compared to previous Asian boyfriends I've heard mine described as more than double the size. In the future when you insult you customers pick something more accurate. Asians have tiny penises and are ridiculous clones of one another. Everyone knows this.
Mary Burr
Just read on Yahoo the story of the 2 creep servers writing the NASTY notes on the check for the 4 customers. The receipt was posted for all to see. In the 100s of comments, the main theme is this: Since these two idiots had been warned about bad behavior previously, why were they not terminated on the spot? Well, why weren't they? Very bad business practice. And the manager should have comped the entire meal. A lousy $20 gift card for being insulted? I don't think so.
Fran Finger
good good