Online Order Advisory

Peter Chang Café located in 1203 Richmond Rd, Williamsburg, VA 23185 is accepting online orders.

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I tried to order a lunch special today (October 12), using your website. Your Home page did not mention that lunch specials were not offered today. I went to the Order Online page, and it did not mention that lunch specials were not offered today, either. I only learned about no lunch specials after I drove to your restaurant. When I returned to my computer, I did find a notice about no lunch specials on your Menu page -- but someone ordering online would never have to go to the Menu page, and so would not see the announcement. Next time, put the announcement on your Home page, where customers are more likely to see it, or disable the lunch specials on the Order Online page.
Your website needs updating to include all locations.
I would like the name of the manager of the Fredericksburg location. I need to file a complaint, and provide her name to my attorney for summons. Thank you