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Peter Chang Café located in 1203 Richmond Rd, Williamsburg, VA 23185 is accepting online orders.

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Two recent dining experiences have been disappointing. My wife and I were eager to introduce our Gaithersburg family to your new Rockville restaurant. We went on Friday, September 11. Unfortunately, the AC was plunging the restaurant temperature down and blowing across our round table for 6. I think the food was good; the service, a bit frantic, but the coldness decidedly uncomfortable. The staff was unable to correct the situation. Yesterday we went with a friend to your Charlottesville restaurant, our favorite of all C'ville's eating establishments. I was surprised that the food was not up to its usual standard. The dry fried eggplant was not crisp; it appeared to have been deep fried (that is, the surface of the pieces was shiny, as though there was oil on it); it was not only limp but lacked the usual flavor. I ordered grandmother's pork stir fry, perhaps my favorite dish from the menu. The pork was tough, difficult to reduce to bite-sized pieces, the flavor not what I
Good but a lil to pricey
Lucie Vinciguerra
(Williamsburg location) The food was great, but the atmosphere was terrible. The acoustics are awful. We were seated in the area straight back from the entrance door, and we could not hear each other over the sound reverberating from the surrounding diners (who were not being especially loud.) Perhaps the rest of the restaurant is not as noisy. A little bit of décor would also be nice.