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Peter Chang Café located in 1203 Richmond Rd, Williamsburg, VA 23185 is accepting online orders.

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Just an FYI. Ordered a pork and eggplant dish off lunch menu. No eggplant in the dish. Told server. He just said, “Sorry.” You have work to do, my friend, since reopening. The hot and sour soup was still great. Good luck.
Allen Haymond
My wife and I are at a resort in Williamsburg VA getting a break from our regular routine and visiting some family members who live nearby. They are more familiar with the area, and have eaten at Peter Chang's before, so, when they took us there to eat tonight, we weren't expecting anything really special because we eat a lot of Chinese food, but our eyes were opened wide when we ate at your restaurant tonight. From the soup to the appetizer to the entrée, our taste buds were treated to the absolute best Chinese food we have ever tasted. We are both in our seventies and it's always a special treat for us to experience something extraordinary, and wow, you folks delivered. Thank you. We will be back. Sincerely, Allen & Susan Haymond.
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